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Telephone Troubleshooting

Noise or Static on the line?

Through the process of elimination, you can find the source of your trouble. Try disconnecting your telephone and related equipment (answering machines, computer modems, Fax machines, Web TV, fire alarms, etc.) one at a time from the telephone jack only. Check for noise on a different set after unplugging each set. If noise stops, the problem is most likely associated with the last piece of telephone equipment you have unplugged. Removing it from the line until it is repaired or replaced will remove your noise or static problem.

No dial tone on any of your telephones?

The problem may be in the telephone line outside your home or business. If you can locate your Network Interface Device (NID) and can access the test jack, connect a working telephone set to it. If you connect a telephone to the NID and hear dial tone, the problem is most likely associated with your telephone sets, jacks, equipment, and or inside wiring (follow steps outlined above for "Noise or static on the line.") If you can hear dial tone, the problem is most likely associated telephone line outside your home or business. In that case call us at 611 or 879-5681.

Dial tone on some but not all telephones?

Chances are the service outage you are experiencing is due to telephone-related equipment failure in your home or business. Disconnect the non-working equipment and reconnect it to a telephone jack that has a working telephone, if still no dial tone, the problem is in the telephone set. If you get dial tone, the problem is most likely associated with the inside wire or jack.

Do you have a cordless phone?

If so, unplug it and then try your telephones. Check to see if the problem still exists.

Do you have a problem with your Caller ID display unit?

Check to see that it is properly connected as well as that the batteries are fresh. Caller ID service also requires a subscription to this feature from your local service provider.

Can't receive telephone calls even though you have dial tones?

It is possible that Call Forwarding has been activated on your telephone. Try dialing *73 (or 1173 from a rotary dial telephone) to disable this feature.

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