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Conference Calling

Save time. Save money. Increase production. Connect everyone with a single call no matter the location or time with our Conference Calling feature.

With Conference Calling you can stop worrying about how you are going to get everyone at one meeting, at one specific time. Sit back and relax. Connect people from across town, across the country or across the world with secure, quality conferencing.

It's easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Invite people to your meeting. Send them a notice via E-Mail, mail or telephone.
  • Provide your attendees a 5-digit PIN # - you create your own unique 5-digit PIN # (EX:54321). Once you've signed up, you will use the same PIN # each time to attend a conference meeting.
  • Provide attendees with the meeting telephone number, date, and time of your meeting, and your 5-digit PIN #.
  • Attendees enter your meeting by calling your number. When prompted for the Conference Identification Number, attendees will enter the 5-digit PIN # and are joined into the meeting.

Advantages of Conference Calling:

  • No equipment to purchase.
  • It's secure, cost effective, flexible and convenient.
  • Meet anywhere...anytime...with anyone.
  • Background noise and volume levels of attendees can be controlled. (no entrance/exit beeps)
  • Manage your conference by an easy-to-use web portal. See who is talking, mute/unmute callers, adjust caller volume and/or remove callers from the conference.
  • Administrators can carry on private conversations with any of the attendees during the conference.
  • Subscribers can record the meeting and listen back to the conference. The recording can also be downloaded to their computer for a permanent record of the conference.

How Much Does it Cost for the Conference Calling Feature?

Our conference calling feature is affordable for most any budget.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Gee at 336-879-7964 or email her at sgee@rtmc.net.

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