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Regulatory & Legislative Policies


The FCC has issued tougher slamming liability and investigation rules. The FCC's new rules modified its earlier slamming order, shifting responsibility for investigation and resolution of customer complaints from the long-distance companies to either state agencies or, if a state declined to assume responsibility, the FCC. All carriers, local and long-distance, must comply with the new preferred carrier change rules, which apply to changes of both local (where there is local competition) and long-distance carriers. The FCC gives each state the option of administering the preferred carrier change rules itself. Because either a state agency or the FCC can be responsible for administration, the rules refer to the agency responsible for administration as the "relevant governmental agency" (RGA). North Carolina has decided to administer the rules, and the North Carolina RGA is:

North Carolina Utilities Commission

Public Staff
Consumer Services Division, Slamming Section
4326 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4326
Phone: 919-733-9277
Fax: 919-733-4744
e-mail: consumer.services@ncmail.net

(There is no fee required to report a slamming violation.)

The new FCC rules govern interstate preferred carrier changes. However, states can choose to apply the FCC rules to intrastate PIC changes as well or apply their own rules to intrastate preferred carrier changes.

PIC (Preferred Interexchange Carrier) Freezes

Randolph TMC offers customers protection from slamming and unauthorized changes in your preferred interexchange carrier (PIC), and that is by requesting a PIC Freeze. By notifying us that you would like to "freeze" your long-distance company or companies (if you have selected one company as your interLATA [out-of-region] PIC and another for your intraLATA [in-region] PIC), you can avoid being slammed or suffering unauthorized or illegal switches to your account.

If you have requested that Randolph place a PIC freeze on your long-distance service, your preferred carrier will not be changed without your direct authorization, either written or verbal. There is no charge for this service; all you need to do is complete and sign RTMC's PIC Freeze form. If you'd like to take advantage of this protection, call Randolph's business office, and a Customer Representative will help you.

Keeping Rural America Connected

Remember that you have a voice in policy development, through your constituent relationships with our elected officials. It is critical that policymakers hear from you, the rural citizens who are the intended beneficiaries of programs to promote the equitable availability of advanced telecommunications services to urban and rural citizens. If rural areas are neglected in the deployment of Internet and other broadband technologies, we face the prospect of an unbridgeable gap between information "haves" in urban areas and "have-nots" in small towns and rural communities. Your voice can help ensure that we all travel down the Internet turnpike together.


The following are legislative action items identified by the North Carolina Telephone Cooperative Coalition (NCTCC), or CarolinaLink. The CarolinaLink website also includes a full listing of North Carolina Congressional respresentatives for our district. Please refer to this listing should you need any information or need to contact a particular House or Senate member.

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